Bangladesher Swadhinata Juddha Dalilpatra pdf

Bangladesher Swadhinata Juddha Dalilpatra by Government of Bangladesh pdf

Bangladesher Swadhinata Juddha Dalilpatra

The liberation war of Bangladesh 15 volumes documents together in a pdf.
The remarkable book about the history of the Bangladesh war of independence.
Published by- Golam Mustafa for Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
This is an authentic book, which was recognized as the detailed database of various events organized in Bangladesh’s liberation war in 1971. This magnitude book was supposed to be published in 16 volumes, but 15 volumes have been published so far. Contents of this pdf-
First Volume: Background (1905-1958);
Second Volume: Background (1958-1971);
Third volume: Mujibnagar: Administration;
Fourth volume: Mujibnagar: The activities of immigrant Bengalis;
Fifth volume: Mujibnagar: Wireless/radio medium;
Sixth volume: Mujibnagar: public media;
Seventh volume: Pakistani documents (public and private);
Eighth volume: genocide, the refugee camp, and primary events;
Ninth Volume: Armed war (1);
10th volume: Armed war (2);
Eleventh Volume: Armed war (3);
Twelfth Volume: Foreign Response, India;
Thirteenth Volume: Foreign Reaction: United Nations and Foreign State;
Fourteen vols: Public opinion of the world;
Fifteenth Volume: Interview;

And the unreleased volume will be included-
Sixteenth Volume: Chronology, Bibliography, and Index.
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ebook name- Bangladesher Swadhinata Juddha Dalilpatra
Book genre- Notable Document
File format- PDF
Pages- 11671
File size- 88mb
Quality- best, no watermark

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