Balmiki Ramayan Saranubad by Rajshekhar Basu pdf

Balmiki Ramayan Saranubad by Rajshekhar Basu, Bengali epic pdf

Balmiki Ramayan Saranubad by Rajshekhar Basu pdf

Balmiki is the primary poet and his Ramayana is the primary epic. Expert scholars say that not all of this conventional epic was written by one person at a time. The original epic was probably written in the 4th century BC, with many parts added later, such as the Uttarakanda. Whatever the controversy, they have incorporated into the original long ago, and the whole work is now called Balmiki.
Balmiki is the first Indian poet to be considered, but his Ramayana is so large that very few people are interested in reading the original or the translation as a whole. This epic is a Bengali anthology of Balmiki-Ramayana, but in the need of brevity, no major subject has been omitted from it.

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Book name- Balmiki Ramayan Saranubad (বাল্মীকি রামায়ণ সারানুবাদ)
Author- Balmiki Muni
Abstract translation- Rajshekhar Basu
Book Type- A Scripture
File type- pdf
Pages- 497
PDF size- 19Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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