Ashoker Bani by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sarkar pdf

Ashoker Bani by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sarkar, Bengali book pdf

Ashoker Bani  pdf

Gautama Buddha and the Mauryan emperor Ashoka are two of the greatest human beings in world history. They can be considered as one of India’s best contributions to world civilization.

Following the teachings of that Buddha, Ashoka became a novice in evangelism, and the message of that religion has been repeatedly proclaimed in his teachings. Ashoka himself has said about the purpose of propagating the discipline- “The reason I have written this scripture here is that people should follow it and make it last forever. The virtuous deeds of the person who follows it will be done “.
In this book, Ashoka’s messages are easily presented to Bengali readers.

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Book name- ‘Ashoker Bani’ (অশোকের বাণী)
Author- Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sarkar
Book Type- Bangla Bani Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 127
PDF size- 24Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Dear readers, now you can collect this Bengali massage Book- ‘Ashoker Bani by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sarkar’ Bengali book pdf free download

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