Ahalyabhumi Purulia (All Parts) Bangla Book

Ahalyabhumi Purulia (All Parts) Bangla Book pdf

Ahalyabhumi Purulia

There is talk about the people’s wealth of people which hides the mountains of Purulia under its jungle. That hidden culture has been published in this book ‘Ahalyabhumi Purulia’.

Purulia’s best dance ‘Chhau-dance’. This dance is also seen in many places in Bihar and Orissa. This dance is not needed at any stage. Apart from Chhau dance, ‘Jhumur song’ is the invaluable resources folklore of Purulia.

Book name- Ahalyabhumi Purulia (All Parts)
Edited by- Debprasad Jana
Book type- documentation
File type- pdf
Quality- best, without any watermark

Ahalyabhumi Purulia part- 1
Size- 16mb
Pages- 330
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Ahalyabhumi Purulia part- 2
Size- 13mb
Pages- 274
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Ahalyabhumi Purulia part- 3
Size- 12mb
Pages- 286
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All readers could collect this precious documentation book of 3 parts in pdf.

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