Adhunik Bharater Itihas (1857-1947) by S. Ghosh pdf

Adhunik Bharater Itihas (1857-1947) by S. Ghosh, Bengali History Book pdf

Adhunik Bharater Itihas (1857-1947) pdf

Discuss briefly, the circumstances leading to the rise of national feeling among the Indians in the second half of the nineteenth century.

After the Great Revolt of 1857, a new chapter in the history of India began. During this period, on the one hand, the foundation of British-imperialism in India became wider and stronger, on the other hand, the full development of national consciousness was seen in the minds of Indians and the foundation of the national movement was laid. In fact, nationalism arose in India as an inevitable reaction to British imperialism.

In this book, the author gives a complete history of modern India. There is no doubt that this book is invaluable for students and researchers of higher education in history.

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Book name- Adhunik Bharater Itihas (আধুনিক ভারতের ইতিহাস)
Author- Prof- S.Ghosh (এস.ঘোষ)
Book Type- A Bengali History Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 528
PDF size- 26Mb
Quality- good, no watermark.

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