Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe Onubad Story pdf

By | October 4, 2019

Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe Onubad Story pdf

Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe Onubad

An island, a man and a hundred plants, animals, and just water and water all around. The luckless person name was Robinson Crusoe. There is no man to speak, no one to speak to
Mate or partner. There is only one Kakatua, his name is Pole. He turns around and shouts – Robinson Crusoe, Robinson Crusoe, where are you, where ..
Eighteen years on this lonely island, the lonely man is alone. For the last few years, he gets Freddy as a partner. That’s a wonderful event. The fascinating story of how to protect Freddy from the cannibal savages. Even more surprising is the return of civilization from the island. Then another new journey. Forest, Wolf, Terrified sound of them, self-defense from them. every page is full of surprises.

And that island? There is now developed a new town. This is such a wonderful eternal classic with his unique story.
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Book name- Robinson Crusoe
Written by- Daniel Defoe
Translated by- Niyaj Morshed
File type- pdf
Book Type- Translated Story
Pages- 115
PDF size- 5mb
Quality- High, no watermark

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